The Youth Group is split into two separate groups to ensure appropriate programming and activities are planned.

  • Junior Youth: Age 5-12
  • Senior Youth: Age 13-17

The focus of our youth program is to align to the following pillars:

  • Spiritual – ensuring that our youth have adequate and meaningful opportunities to learn and explore the Orthodox faith
  • Stewardship – ensuring that our youth learn to take care of one another and the world around them
  • Interactions – ensuring that our youth foster positive interactions and relationships through social events
  • Outreach - ensuring that our youth understand their role in helping others in the community by participating in outreach activities.

Some of the activities our youth group has planned are:

Social Activities – skiing at Snow Valley, Game Nights, Pizza and Movie Nights, Corn Maze, Candy Cane Lane, Bowling, ice cream sundae parties

Spiritual Activities
– Frequent spiritual talks with Father Tim (incorporated with our social events), and youth focused spiritual workshops

– “Soup-er” Bowl of Giving for Orphanage Fund, Cold Hands, Warm Hearts Walk for the Hope Mission, Food Bank, Outreach Van for the Homeless

If you are interested in having a family member join our youth group and receive updates on events, please contact our Youth Group Coordinator Luke Chernezky.