Sunday Services

9:00 am – Confessions

9:30 am – Matins

10:00 am – Divine Liturgy

Services are held in English and Ukrainian. All-English services are held on the 2nd, 4th and 5th Sunday of each month.

Fellowship, coffee and lunch are scheduled for most Sundays.

St. Anthony's Parish Volunteer Food Bank Ministry

Food Bank Volunteers

October 2019

1   Vera Sanger, Helen Dzurko & Kathy Johnson

8   Bill & Evelyn Lysak

15 Tammy & Ian Gorrie

22 Sylvia Gray

20 Elaine & Gary Ziniewicz

November 2019

5   Charlene & Wayne Boyko

12 Keaschuk family

19 Mike & Medora Krill

26 Donna & Craig Reed

December 2019

3   Mary & Harry Nichiporik

10 Rick, Rosa & Krysten Pysyk

17 Darryl Boyko

24 Vera Sanger / Helen Dzurko / Kathy Johnson

31 Bill & Evelyn Lysak

Every Tuesday, St. Anthony's parish acts as a depot for the Edmonton Food Bank, serving the needs of Food Bank clients who live in Edmonton's west end. Food Bank volunteers welcome clients as they arrive to pick up their hampers, and assist whenever necessary. We cannot deliver the food to the clients' homes.

All donations are appreciated. Certain foods are frequently in demand, including:

  • beans (with and without pork)
  • soup (dry or tinned)
  • canned fish or meat
  • peanut butter
  • macaroni and cheese
  • pasta and sauces
  • powdered milk
  • canned fruits and vegetables

Although donations of food are probably the most tangible way to help the Food Bank, we also appreciate monetary donations, which keep our trucks running, our coolers cool, and our shelves stocked. That is, when the Food Bank runs low on certain items that are essential to the nutritional value of our hampers, we need to purchase those items through are gleaning program. Luckily, through this program, we can use every donated dollar to purchase up to $20 more food!

For more information about the Food Bank, please contact Tracy at 780.425.2133.