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St. Anthony's Parish News and Events

Pyrohy Dinner - Friday, November 16

Our next pyrohy dinner is Friday, November 16, 2018, from 4:30 - 7:30 PM. Four plated dinners are available to eat in or take home. All plates are served with sour cream, onion, coleslaw, a drink (tea, coffee or juice) and dessert. Cabbage rolls are also available for purchase with your meal, 2 for $1.00. Bring your family, friends, and neighbours.

Combo Plate #1 - $12.00: 10 Pyrohy & Sausage          Combo Plate #3 - $9.00: 6 Pyrohy & Sausage

Combo Plate #2 - $10.00: 12 Pyrohy                          Combo Plate #4 - $8.00: 6 Pyrohy

This is our last dinner of 2018. Please call the office if you have any questions, 780.487.2167. 

UWAC-St. Anna's Meeting - Sunday, November 18

UWAC-St. Anna's branch is meeting on November 18 during Fellowship. All members are encouraged to attend.

St. Anthony's Christmas Bake Sale - Saturday, December 1

Our annual Christmas Bake Sale is Saturday, December 1, at 10:00 AM. We are selling traditional Ukrainian favorites; pyrohy, cabbage rolls, nalysnyky, and pyroshky. As well as home baked Ukrainian Christmas bread (kolachi,) chiffon cakes, and pies. We will also be selling kubasa, ground poppyseed, and honey. Cookbooks featuring traditional Ukrainian recipes will also be for sale. After you make your purchases, please join us for a slice of pie and coffee.

St. Anthony's Annual General Meeting - Sunday, December 2

Our AGM will be held during fellowship on Sunday, December 2. 

St. Anthony's Sunday School 

Children from age 3 to grade 6 are welcome to attend. Please contact the office for more information or to register, 780.487.2167.

St. Anthony's Annual Membership

St. Anthony's 2018 Annual Membership fees are now due. Please note that dues for 2018 have increased: $220/family and $140/individual.

St. Stephens Cemetery

A request for funds has been received from St. Stephen’s Cemetery. If you would like to make a donation to the cemetery, please mark your donation envelope “St. Stephen’s Cemetery.” There are copies of the St. Stephen’s business plan for those who would like to review it.